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Alan Kerr Online

One Good Atom

by on October 24th, 2012

One Good Atom is a charity project.  Once every few months a guest artist will be chosen to create a set of limited edition tshirts and/or prints, with all profits being donated to the charity of their choice.  The first run is designed by me, with the cash going to the UK mental health charity Mind in support of those suffering from depression.

It’s not going to change the world, but it’s One Good Atom.

Eightball Voodoo

by on September 19th, 2011

I got asked to design the cover for Eightball Voodoo’s single, Blaydon Races.  They’re a classic sleaze rock n roll band and wanted something appropriately rawkin’.  I don’t usually use this kind of  imagery in my own stuff any more so it was fun to break it all out again for a commission.

Weddings, weddings everywhere.

by on August 3rd, 2011

The couple I recently designed wedding invites for also asked me to make a Save the Date animation.  I had no idea what this was.  I foolishly agreed.

What kind of obnoxious freakshow would approve this as their wedding date video?  You be the judge.

Wedding fever

by on July 28th, 2011

Romance is in the air… apparently I’m at that age where everyone is suddenly getting married.  This time round I got asked to make a wedding present from the groom to the bride.  It’s a comic that tells the story of his proposal, which involved him secretly setting up a romantic (and, by the sounds of things, hectic) treasure hunt around Glasgow for her, with the proposal at the end.  All together now: awwww.

Congratulations Kieran & Laura! x

Congratulations, scumbags.

by on July 25th, 2011

A couple of freaks I can’t shake off decided to celebrate their disgusting mutual lust by getting married.  They asked me to design their wedding invitations, and to keep them sweet (in case they’re in a position to be useful to me one day), I said yes.  Then, as a wedding present, I got the invites printed up as posters so that the couple can gaze at them daily and be reminded of my total superiority over them forever.

AKA, congratulations Graeme & Eli! xx

Go Fish

by on July 8th, 2011

The latest game I’ve helped make look pretty as part of my work at Veemee is Go Fish.  It’s a fishing game, in case you’re slow, and is free to play in Playstation Home.

I’ll hopefully be back on track with this woefully neglected blog soon.  Do I even have any readers left?

LooooOOOOOooo… si

by on October 24th, 2010

A new Lusi Sulfura pinup I did over the weekend.  This started as a doodle and but I decided to finish it off, mainly to try out my sexy new Wacom tablet, which is the best thing since… well… um… look, it’s just pretty sweet.

Lusi’s tshirt here is Kevin Dart’s fictional 60’s cinema superspy Yuki 7.  Check out his brilliant fake swingin’-60’s-spy posters; click here for a personal favourite…


by on October 19th, 2010

Another game I’ve been involved in as part of my work at Veemee is now online in PlayStation Home.  It’s basically a re-release of SUPAFUN ROBO GOALIE TIME, but rebranded with a beach theme and with a bunch of new prizes.

Oscar’s Lobster Mania

by on August 27th, 2010

Roll up roll up!  Test your crustacean accuracy at Oscar’s Lobster Mania…

This is the latest Playstation Home game I’ve been involved in as part of games company Veemee.

Building games is such a collaborative effort that it’s difficult to separate out any one person’s contribution, but I think it’s fair to say that I was responsible for most of the visual design of the game (again with huge input from my creative and artistic directors).  I also built most of the geometry, with the exception of Oscar’s fantastically disturbing head and the lobsters, which were built by my much more talented and experienced colleagues.  I also made the fake backstory artwork, which was good fun.

I think this is the first game I’ve been involved in that actually looks like something I would draw.  Really happy with it.

Who is Oscar P. Funfenstrunfen?

by on August 24th, 2010