About Us

In September 2013, my college career was coming to an end, and I spent many nights awake spiraling about what direction I wanted my life to go in. My bachelors degree was in English Literature, which was a major I flippantly chose, because I enjoyed reading and writing and was sold the delusion that it would open a world of possible careers to me.

The only thing I loved to do was make art, specifically functional art like jewelry and college degree be damned, I ran with it. Life Flows on Crystals was the business I started with and ran for a decade and still am navigating with as the business I sell under locally, but after digging deep to be the person I am today, Dead Boy Designs was born.

Dead Boy Designs in a reflection of my personal style now combined with everything it took for me to get to this point. It's years of skill, quality, style, authenticity, passion, trauma, fear, and hope. It's a rebirth without completely having to let go of the person that got me here.